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[#<BeforeAndAfter id: 3, before_front: "before_and_after/Victor/Victor Before 1 (1).jpg", after_front: "before_and_after/Victor/Victor After 1 (1).jpg", before_side: "before_and_after/Victor/Victor Before 2 (1).jpg", after_side: "before_and_after/Victor/Victor After 2 (1).jpg", name: "Victor", location_id: 2, created_at: "2018-03-14 19:22:22", updated_at: "2018-03-14 19:22:22">, #<BeforeAndAfter id: 7, before_front: "before_and_after/Paul/Paul before 1.jpg", after_front: "before_and_after/Paul/Paul after 1.jpg", before_side: "before_and_after/Paul/Paul before 2.jpg", after_side: "before_and_after/Paul/Paul after 2.jpg", name: "Paul", location_id: 1, created_at: "2018-03-14 19:26:00", updated_at: "2018-03-14 19:26:00">, #<BeforeAndAfter id: 9, before_front: "before_and_after/Jeff/Jeff Fisch before.jpeg", after_front: "before_and_after/Jeff/Jeff Fisch after 1 (1).jpg", before_side: "before_and_after/Jeff/Jeff Fisch before1.jpeg", after_side: "before_and_after/Jeff/Jeff Fisch after 2 (1).jpg", name: "Jeff", location_id: 1, created_at: "2018-03-14 19:27:38", updated_at: "2018-03-14 19:27:38">, #<BeforeAndAfter id: 6, before_front: "before_and_after/John/John Harold before front.jpe...", after_front: "before_and_after/John/John Harold after front.jpeg", before_side: "before_and_after/John/John Harold before side.jpeg", after_side: "before_and_after/John/John Harold after side.jpeg", name: "John", location_id: 1, created_at: "2018-03-14 19:25:23", updated_at: "2018-03-14 19:25:23">, #<BeforeAndAfter id: 8, before_front: "before_and_after/Tony/Tony Norton1.jpeg", after_front: "before_and_after/Tony/Tony Norton after1.jpeg", before_side: "before_and_after/Tony/Tony Norton2.jpeg", after_side: "before_and_after/Tony/Tony Norton after2.jpeg", name: "Tony", location_id: 1, created_at: "2018-03-14 19:26:46", updated_at: "2018-03-14 19:26:46">, #<BeforeAndAfter id: 11, before_front: "before_and_after/Cindy/IMG_0113.JPG", after_front: "before_and_after/Cindy/IMG_0015.jpg", before_side: "before_and_after/Cindy/IMG_0114.JPG", after_side: "before_and_after/Cindy/IMG_0016.jpg", name: "Cindy", location_id: 2, created_at: "2018-03-14 19:36:04", updated_at: "2018-03-14 19:36:04">, #<BeforeAndAfter id: 4, before_front: "before_and_after/Eva/eva before 1.jpeg", after_front: "before_and_after/Eva/eva after 1.jpeg", before_side: "before_and_after/Eva/eva before 2.jpeg", after_side: "before_and_after/Eva/eva after 2.jpeg", name: "Eva", location_id: 2, created_at: "2018-03-14 19:23:04", updated_at: "2018-03-14 19:23:04">, #<BeforeAndAfter id: 2, before_front: "before_and_after/Arthur/AFlanders-before-front.jpg", after_front: "before_and_after/Arthur/AFlanders-after-front (1)....", before_side: "before_and_after/Arthur/AFlanders-before-side.jpg", after_side: "before_and_after/Arthur/AFlanders-after-side.jpg", name: "Arthur", location_id: 1, created_at: "2018-03-14 19:10:13", updated_at: "2018-03-14 19:10:13">, #<BeforeAndAfter id: 1, before_front: "before_and_after/Michael/michael_before_front (1)....", after_front: "before_and_after/Michael/michael_after_front (1).j...", before_side: "before_and_after/Michael/michael_before_side (1).j...", after_side: "before_and_after/Michael/michael_after_side (1).jp...", name: "Michael", location_id: 2, created_at: "2018-03-14 19:08:22", updated_at: "2018-03-14 19:08:22">, #<BeforeAndAfter id: 5, before_front: "before_and_after/Tim/Tim before 1 (1).jpg", after_front: "before_and_after/Tim/Tim after 1 (1).jpg", before_side: "before_and_after/Tim/Tim before 2 (1).jpg", after_side: "before_and_after/Tim/Tim after 2 (1).jpg", name: "Tim", location_id: 2, created_at: "2018-03-14 19:24:40", updated_at: "2018-03-14 19:24:40">, #<BeforeAndAfter id: 10, before_front: "before_and_after/Nick/IMG_0246.JPG", after_front: "before_and_after/Nick/image1.jpeg", before_side: "before_and_after/Nick/IMG_0247.JPG", after_side: "before_and_after/Nick/image2.jpeg", name: "Nick", location_id: 2, created_at: "2018-03-14 19:32:55", updated_at: "2018-03-14 19:32:55">]

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Check out what our clients are saying about us*

My pants fit again!!! and I have so much more energy!!! I also have a much better understanding of how to fuel my body with the right foods.


I did this because my sister was so successful. I am so appreciative of this program. I feel so good!


Go to Awaken - it will change you and your life for the better !!!

Dan Rea

Totally worth the investment - food is good and you are accountable - mentally you know what to do to accomplish your goals - it is up to you ...a program that works !

Paul C.

Fit into clothes haven't worn in over 20 years and they are loose.


Longest time have been UNDER 200 lbs since high school, nearly 50 years ago.


So enjoying my weight loss. Haven't felt this good in 30+ years. Getting so many compliments from friends. Loved my experience with Awaken 180.


Quite simply, everything in life is better at a healthy weight: clothes wearing them & shopping for them is more fun; sitting on an airplane is more comfortable; sex was always wonderful now it's beyond belief! Pick anything and it's better at your healthy weight. Thanks for everything!


My husband, Alan did this program with me. He lost 40 lbs in 12 weeks*. He jokes that between the two of us we lost a "small seventh grader" in body weight. We have referred over 5 friends to the Newton center and all of them are quite pleased. Thank you for making me feel healthy and beautiful again.


I like how I feel and I like what I see! I'm a believer.


I am able to fit into all my clothes I have not been able to fit into in ~ 5 years...my wardrobe is back! I love the way I feel! I am more alert, sleep better and have more energy. Thank you for helping me lose the weight!


I just fit into a pair of pants that I haven't been able to wear!


I LOVE all your products!! Love the taste of everything so far. And I feel like I can do this with NO PROBLEM!!! I am soooo excited!!!!!!!! Scott Zolak was right, I CAN do this!!!


* Presented results are not possible for every individual. Weight loss results may vary.