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Awaken Ambassadors

photo of Dan Rea

Dan Rea

Organization: WBZ-AM

Member Since: 2015

“If you really want to lose your excess weight easily and learn how to keep that excess weight off for the rest of your life, please try Awaken 180. That decision will be one of the best decisions you will ever make!”

photo of Andy Gresh

Andy Gresh

Organization: WEEI-FM

Member Since: 2019

“I love Awaken 180 because I’ve learned how to manage food, FOR LIFE. I feel supported and educated all because of the coaches.”

photo of Steve Lyons

Steve Lyons

Organization: Boston Red Sox

“Awaken 180 was the right plan for me to lose the 20 pounds I wasn’t disciplined enough to lose in my own. The education and lifetime coaching is a great aspect of the program that help you stay on track.”

photo of Adriana Cohen

Adriana Cohen

“Awaken’s support team is outstanding! Being able to meet one-on-one with a weight loss coach each week was very helpful in achieving my health goals. Their support and guidance was invaluable. I’d highly recommend Awaken 180 to anyone looking to lose weight, boost confidence and feel amazing!”

photo of Tom Shattuck

Tom Shattuck

Organization: WTIC-AM

Member Since: 2022

“I didn’t just lose weight. I was given a new life after Awaken180º. I’m happier, and full of energy and my stresses and anxieties have been replaced with enthusiasm and optimism. Most importantly, I’m a better husband and father.”

photo of Alice Shattuck

Alice Shattuck

Organization: WTIC-AM

“I never would have believed that after having four kids I would be able to fit into the clothes I wore in college again, or that I could do it without starving myself. Awaken180 Weightloss taught me how to eat to maintain my healthiest body composition, which not only looks great, but feels amazing, boosting my mental health and giving me tons of energy. I feel like myself again after years of putting myself last and avoiding photos or fading into the background.”

photo of Lori Grande

Lori Grande

Organization: WBZ-AM

“I feel so happy and confident after Awaken 180. I just loved meeting with my coaches, their support really made the difference. Going clothes shopping is so much more fun now!”

photo of Marc Finch

Marc Finch

Organization: WBNS-FM

“I thought I was just ‘the big guy’, but after dropping 80 pounds, I know that this was always possible. I’m loving my new wardrobe, extra energy and healthier relationship with food. Awaken180 has changed my life, and with the free maintenance for life I’m keeping the weight off for good.”

photo of Josh Seas

Josh Seas

Organization: WTNM-AM

“51.8 lbs down since January 23rd. I’ve never felt better. My doctors have never been happier. Normal blood pressure, normal glucose and A1C levels, less pressure on my arthritic hips, knees, and lower back. It just works folks!”

photo of Marcus Kemblowski

Marcus Kemblowski

Organization: Apex

Member Since: 2021

“The team truly cares about your success and are committed to finding the right program for your needs and also adjusting it based on changes in your life”.

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