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Sandra's Story

Member since 2015
60 lbs lost

“Awaken180º will safely and effectively get you back into ‘fat-burn’ mode so you can just sit back and watch the pounds disappear!”

How I Used to Feel

I had been overly thin all my life, so when my body morphed into a 209-pound mess, I was astounded. I believe it was due to a combination of natural hormonal changes as well as the fact that I had been on Prednisone for a prolonged period of time. I was exercising like crazy, but wasn’t losing an ounce. I felt hopeless, ashamed, and I was exhausted all the time. I tried to avoid going out in public. I would only appear in photos from the neck up, and still photoshopped the pictures to try for a thinner face. I had many health issues which were flaring up (asthma, acid reflux, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes). I didn’t have the energy to count calories or read labels. I needed a quick fix and was willing to undergo surgery. I was out of time and out of options. This program literally saved my life.

Coming into the program, I wasn’t at all skeptical because I had run into a long-time friend who had lost something in excess of 50 pounds. She looked wonderful and referred me to Awaken180° Weightloss. I knew that if it worked for her, it would work for me.

My Experience with Awaken180°

I learned so much about nutrition and the body’s overall function without even trying. The program could not be any easier to follow. Just do what is recommended and the pounds will melt away. The program is foolproof.

Once your body has been knocked out of ‘fat-burn’ mode, you will not lose weight regardless of diet or exercise. Awaken180° will safely and effectively get you back into ‘fat-burn’ mode so you can just sit back and watch the pounds disappear!

My Lifestyle

If you need to travel, they’ve got you covered. Holidays and parties were no problem. I started this diet just two weeks before Thanksgiving. Using Awaken180°’s products, I joined everyone at the family table throughout the holiday season. My meals were similar, but much healthier. I never envied anyone. Alternatively, it would often sicken me to see plates over-stuffed with food, and it made me laugh when everyone around me felt ill after eating. Huge portions and poor food choices were to blame.

I never exercised while losing weight.

The Team

The staff at the Quincy Center is out of this world friendly, knowledgeable, quick to make recommendations and suggestions if needed, and always willing to coach you on just about any aspect of your life. Some of them are on the program, too!

How I Feel Now

Nearly 60 pounds lighter after 20 weeks, my asthma is well-controlled, as is my acid reflux. My blood glucose levels are excellent and I’m off my cholesterol meds. I’m so full of energy; by choice, I walk the beach and go to the gym, and I’m proud to step out of the house. I’m relieved and so thankful that such a program exists. I don’t miss my old habits. Since I’m on maintenance, there are many eating options available to me. However, I still use Awaken180°’s products due to the great taste, nutritional value, affordability, and ease of use. I dodged a number of bullets as far as my health goes. It’s also great to be receiving so many compliments about my appearance.

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