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Why It Works

Achieve your weight loss goals while enjoying life.

We’re anything but a one-size-fits-all program! Individualized to your lifestyle, our program is designed to fit your specific needs, goals, and schedules.

Our goal is simple: to help you keep your current lifestyle – with healthy modifications along the way! That means you can go to your favorite restaurant, bar, sporting event, or market and be confident in knowing what foods to order to stay on track.

We’re also flexible!

Dine out at your favorite restaurants

Attend sporting events and concerts

Drink alcoholic beverages

Exercise — or don’t, it’s totally up to you!

Travel for work or pleasure

Our program is flexible to fit your lifestyle.

We know just how personal and emotional weight loss is—we’ve been there! Whatever types of physical, mental, or emotional challenges you may be facing in your daily life, our program can adapt with you.

The more we chat with you about how to overcome those challenges, the more committed you’ll be to the program and seeing your work pay off.

How do we know it’ll payoff? We’re Doctor Approved. 

Awaken180° is both Doctor and Registered Dietician approved!

Dr. Laura Carman
Internal Medicine
Tufts Medical Center

“What I really like about Awaken180º Weightloss is the emphasis on healthy eating, the weekly coaching and the free lifetime support once you’ve achieved your weight loss goals. I truly believe Awaken180º can work for anyone.”

What is lifetime support, you ask? 

As you start this journey, know that you are not alone.

When it comes to weight loss solutions, there is a ton of information out there and very little accountability. That’s where our coaches come in!

During our weekly 1:1 coaching sessions (in-person or virtual), we’re here to answer your questions, educate you on a healthy lifestyle, and guide you through your own weight loss journey.

Plus, we use a high-tech scale that measures body composition, and we talk through those numbers every week so you can understand what they mean and how they relate to your progress. No point-tracking system required!

Sounds achievable, right? 

Develop a plan tailored to your individual needs

Keep you focused on your weight loss goals

Educate you on how to live a healthier lifestyle

Guide you through your weight loss journey

Help you understand the numbers

Answer any questions you may have

Awaken180º Food

Completely customizable. Totally optional. The food portion of our program is another way we keep the program simple, convenient, and full of variety for you.

Working with you to understand your food interests and lifestyle, our coaches can recommend food options that offer plenty of variety and flavors, helping you make the program a simple transition in your daily life.

Our food is never frozen, travel-friendly, isn’t full of preservatives and carefully curated to ensure each and every client who chooses our food is happy. Check out the reviews for yourself.
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With the Support of a Coach, You Learn:

Let’s Get Started!

Schedule a Discovery Consultation

The first step is meeting with one of our coaches and identifying your weight loss goals and expectations.

Follow a Customized Coaching Plan

Everyone is unique…and so are our customized weight loss plans! Our coaches help you stay focused on the big picture, whatever your goals may be.

Receive Lifetime Support

We want you to succeed long after you complete your plan. That’s why our support doesn’t end when you achieve your weight loss goals. Our monthly maintenance support is available for as long as you want—and did we mention it’s free?

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