Is feeling stressed the ‘new normal’?…and what to do about it

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Stress is all too common today, and many of us take pride in “managing our stress well”, but more often than not, we just ignore and push away the emotions of stress instead of addressing them. Today, we see stress as an emotional response, but when we encounter stress, our body responds physically! We pump […]

Enjoying the summer while hitting your weight loss goals!

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It’s that time of the year again! The flowers have bloomed, the sun Is blazing…….and your favorite pair of summer shorts no longer fit. We quickly come to the harsh reality that our festive eating habits during the holiday season have come back to bite us. Literally. Many of us, unsurprisingly, feel that we’ve missed […]

The Danger of Believing that Success is Perfection

It’s common for people to believe that “success” is achieving 100% of their goals on the precise timeline that they deem “fast enough”. The problem with this belief, however, is that it leads to what is known as “black and white thinking”. This term refers to the idea that there are only two options available […]

5 Ways to Lose Weight with Less Exercise

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Our whole lives we’ve been taught that weight maintenance comes from managing calories in and calories out. Just eat less and exercise more. Deny yourself anything that tastes good, and spend 2 hours each day at the gym. Sure, this sounds simple. But don’t you think there could be a better way? Don’t you deserve […]