Weight Loss Reviews

The people have spoken and boy does it sound good! At Awaken180° Weightloss we always put the client first. Don't take our word for it, take a look at what they have to say.

weight loss reviews, Reviews
weight loss reviews, Reviews

Client Reviews

The people have spoken and boy does it sound good! At Awaken180° Weightloss we always put the client first. Don't take our word for it, take a look at what they have to say

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Donna Lawson Avatar
Donna Lawson
1/13/2023 - Google
Great program! I was using my own food. Each week I felt better and better. The weight came off as expected for my program (2-3lb/week)
Dalila Mendoza Avatar
Dalila Mendoza
1/12/2023 - Google
You walk in the Seekonk office and you automatically feel at home. From day 1, I never felt out of place. Every time I walk in, there is such a warm welcome. When you sit one on... Read More
stephanie blumenthal Avatar
stephanie blumenthal
1/11/2023 - Google
Everyone is so nice and friendly! I feel very comfortable going once a week and feeling great!
George Hanscom Avatar
George Hanscom
1/10/2023 - Google
Started this program 10 weeks ago. Staff in Newton have been fantastic. They are always upbeat and offering suggestions for how to work the program and improve your success. My wife and I have both seen great results on the... Read More
Laura Gately Avatar
Laura Gately
1/10/2023 - Google
Like others here, I had hit a wall trying to lose weight. The hormonal imbalance of being in peri-menopause held me hostage and NOTHING was working. I was depressed and considering weight loss medication. I was skeptical at the... Read More
1/09/2023 - Google
Week one and we are off to a great start. The staff at Awaken180 is very supportive and provides great guidance. The food provided is real good too. So far so good!
Renee Hanscom Avatar
Renee Hanscom
1/09/2023 - Google
My husband and I joined right before Halloween and will never turn back. The staff helped us navigate the tough holidays with positivity and support!!! We not only made it through, but we are down 80 plus pounds together (him... Read More
Judy Flynn Avatar
Judy Flynn
1/09/2023 - Google
I love the ease of the variety of foods that I can pick from. I don't have to think too much about my meals for the day!!!
William Walsh Avatar
William Walsh
1/09/2023 - Google
As always this is the best place around! I am so grateful for Cassie and the entire Peabody Team! I got stuck and wasn't able to get back in time and Cassie was able to send out my food! I've... Read More
Frank Basler Avatar
Frank Basler
1/09/2023 - Google
Awaken180 is great. It is a great fit with my goals and lifestyle. Thank you!
Frank Salisbury Avatar
Frank Salisbury
1/09/2023 - Google
Losing weight on Awaken 180 was just one of the amazing results that I saw. Cholesterol levels went way down, body fat too. Great experience with a great team at the Seekonk facility.
Robert McKetchnie Avatar
Robert McKetchnie
1/09/2023 - Google
The team at Seekonk supports me every step of the way. This is an easy process to follow and provides quick results.
Elizabeth Hathaway Avatar
Elizabeth Hathaway
1/09/2023 - Google
I am amazed at how great Awaken 180 is for losing weight. Having experienced many weight loss programs, I am finally seeing results that empower me to not give in and not give up when the weekly outcome is not... Read More
michael ballerini Avatar
michael ballerini
1/09/2023 - Google
I would recommend this program to anyone. The staff is exceptional and the process is easy. I’m 6 weeks in and already down 33 pounds. Love this place and the people
Mike molchany Avatar
Mike molchany
1/09/2023 - Google
It really works. Lost 35 lbs. in 8 weeks. Very happy with the results.
Bernie George Avatar
Bernie George
1/02/2023 - Google
easy to follow not humgarey throughout the process.
Richard Warnock Avatar
Richard Warnock
12/26/2022 - Google
The staff is extremely encouraging and always willing to give positive advice. They helped me to achieve my goal and go beyond. Thanks!
William MacDougall Avatar
William MacDougall
12/26/2022 - Google
If you are serious about losing weight this is the place. Great coaches, good food plan, & affordable
steven riccardi Avatar
steven riccardi
12/26/2022 - Google
Everyone that worked with me was extremely personable, kind and enthusiastic! Thank you Awaken 180! .
Walter Baranowski Avatar
Walter Baranowski
12/15/2022 - Google
Great and very helpful.
Fallon Boegemann Avatar
Fallon Boegemann
12/15/2022 - Google
In the past, I would roll my eyes when people would say they found a program that helped them lose weight. I was THAT cynical starting this program… and here I am 16 weeks in, 40 lbs lighter and my... Read More
Ed Williams Avatar
Ed Williams
12/12/2022 - Google
The TEAM in Quincy has been professional, efficient and very supportive. As a professional myself, I really appreciate the prompt attention I receive the minute I walk through the door. I never have had to wait to be... Read More
Bill P Avatar
Bill P
12/11/2022 - Google
Awesome people so much help in my journey down 31lbs so far with more to lose and the team has been so helpful with all my questions.
Daniel Green Avatar
Daniel Green
12/05/2022 - Google
I needed to have life changing weight loss, but was unmotivated. My wife dragged me to awaken 180 in Auburn and thus began my life changing weight loss. I have lost 60 lbs in 3 months. Amazing program. Staff are... Read More