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How to Create a Succesful Morning Routine

Starting your morning “rushed” can leave that tone throughout your day. That never feels good. When you wake up in the morning, you want to feel refreshed from the day before and ready to take on the new day. Let’s look at what refreshed and ready really mean:

Refreshed: to regain strength

Ready: in a suitable state for an activity, action, or situation; fully prepared 

To regain strength and be fully prepared for the day starts with an effective morning routine. Below you will find 7 ways to create your own morning routine. With these seven ways to create a morning routine, take a week to incorporate each step below to add them in. All of the steps are a surefire way to assist you in accomplishing your scale and non-scale goals.

1. Prioritize What’s Important to You

This should revolve around what you need to do every day to set yourself up for success and to feel refreshed. Make a quick list of what you need to do in the morning, and if you’re coming up short, follow the rest of our recommendations.

2. Don’t Snooze Your Alarm

Easier said than done, but once you understand the benefits, you won’t want to hit that snooze button again. When you snooze your alarm button, you’re already awake. Let the alarm start your day! When you drift back to sleep, you start another sleep cycle, and interrupting that will cause you to wake up drowsier than before.

Leave your alarm across the room if possible. This way, you are forced to get your body moving. Give yourself 5 seconds to take some deep breaths and get out of bed. This also helps so you don’t go for your phone first thing in the morning. Having exposure to natural light is the best for your circadian rhythm. 

Give yourself enough time to wake up and fulfill your morning routine. If you are a coffee drinker, preset your coffee machine to begin at your alarm time so you have something started. It’s important to note enjoying a cup of coffee shouldn’t be taken advantage of. More than 2 cups of coffee can spike your cortisol which affects how your hormones function throughout the day. 

3. Drink Water First Thing

Having a glass of water next to your bedside is ideal. When you get your day started with water as your first liquid, you start hydrating! Whether you’re on a program or in maintenance, it’s always important to stay hydrated since sleeping causes dehydration.

Starting your morning with water prompts you to continue that healthy habit throughout the day.

4. Healthy Breakfast

If you already struggle with a morning routine, don’t make your breakfast complex. Having your breakfast within the first hour of waking up starts your metabolism. While on a program, keep your product somewhere in plain view so you’re more likely to start making it. Keep it simple, if necessary.

5. Get Moving

We have other blogs on our site that share a great way to get physical. Here are a few options:

  • Stretching for 5-10 minutes before your morning shower
  • Get yourself to the gym
  • Take your dogs for a walk

These are all great mood boosters! Starting your day with exercise will set you in great spirits for the rest of your day.

6. Get Ready for Your Day Ahead

Whether it’s a work day or a day off, give yourself enough time to wash your face and get dressed. Pack your lunch and snacks if you are going to be away from home like a work day. Getting prepared with your snacks and meals takes a lot of pressure off yourself.

7. Self-Love

Truly utilizing our “self-mastery tapes” with this one. Taking this extra piece and adding this to any of the steps above can help you enjoy this morning routine: add it to your morning stretch, or put one on while you make your breakfast

Even though this is a morning routine, it is important to note that a healthy night’s sleep will greatly impact your morning. Studies show that 7+ hours of sleep is ideal for your health and well-being. If you are waking up well-rested, you are more likely to start your morning off strong. When your morning is strong, it sets the tone for the rest of your day. If you succeed in developing a morning routine, your weight loss and life goals will be much more accomplishable. A morning routine may not be the most important thing you do that day, but it is the most important thing you do every day.

If you need help starting your mornings better to have a healthier lifestyle, please call us to find out how we can help!