Let’s get physical! Here’s how

Are you new to exercise? Figuring out where to start is often the most difficult part when beginning anything new. When starting something new, like an exercise routine, it’s important to take the stress out of the equation. To do that, I have a list of ways for you to accomplish a routine beginning to […]

Is feeling stressed the ‘new normal’?…and what to do about it

woman meditating on beach

Stress is all too common today, and many of us take pride in “managing our stress well”, but more often than not, we just ignore and push away the emotions of stress instead of addressing them. Today, we see stress as an emotional response, but when we encounter stress, our body responds physically! We pump […]

How to handle social pressures while losing weight

Man covering eyes with hand and doing stop gesture

Let’s face it, losing weight isn’t easy to begin with.  What can make it even more difficult is when family, friends, associates, and peers attempt to pressure you into indulging.  This can not only become frustrating for the person trying to better themselves, but can also become mentally draining feeling like your goals are constantly […]

Positive Attitude and Energy!

“Words have an incredible impact on our ability to succeed, and hearing the right words in your self-talk is crucial to your success. While you can’t control the flow of words through your head, there is a way to change them. You see, when you change your emotions, you’ll change what drives the brain.”