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7 Light and Easy Summer Grilling Recipes

Summer is known for being [most] people’s favorite time of the year. We get to look forward to vacations and spending time with our friends and family to account for all the hibernating in winter. With the warmer weather often comes BBQs and cookouts, which are typically associated with a host of unhealthy food options; think […]

Healthy Grab-And-Go Snacks to Take to the Beach

New England coastal beach on a sunny day

What better way to enjoy the sun than going to the beach? Just picture it: making sand castles, putting on sunscreen, dipping your toes in the water, listening to crashing waves, and children’s laughter… and nibbling on healthy Awaken180°-approved snacks, of course! Ready-to-Eat Snacks Let’s face it, your food options are often limited once you’re […]

The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Grocery Shopping​

Grocery shopping is a weekly task for all of us. For the most part, you walk into a grocery store like a robot and grab your weekly staples and check out. But when it comes to starting a new health journey, we can feel lost on how exactly to navigate a grocery store. Did you […]

How Your Freezer Can Be Your Best Friend in The Kitchen

Fridge with items on shelves and in drawers

Browsing through the latest trends in kitchen innovation can certainly be overwhelming. From convection steam ovens to Bluetooth-enabled appliances, there is no shortage of impressive ways to make your life in the kitchen easier and more efficient. But if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the value of getting back to basics and enjoying […]

Ozempic vs. Wegovy: What to Know About Weight Loss Injections

A person wearing surgical gloves holding a needle up

Back in the 1990s, a now-banned weight loss drug called “Fen-Phen” was all the rage. Today it’s Ozempic and Wegovy. Similar to drugs used for weight loss in the past, little is known about the side effects and long-term efficiency, as well as impacts when a weight loss drug is first FDA-approved. Let’s dive into […]

Spring Into Fresh Eating

Head of fresh lettuce

Spring has officially sprung. Spring marks the beginning of the growing season, the opening of farmer’s markets, when people are starting to head outside again, and don’t forget, some spring holidays like Passover, Easter, and Mother’s Day. With all of these exciting events occurring soon, we want you to know that your weight loss goals […]

How to Create a Succesful Morning Routine

Man stretching his arms in bed

Starting your morning “rushed” can leave that tone throughout your day. That never feels good. When you wake up in the morning, you want to feel refreshed from the day before and ready to take on the new day. Let’s look at what refreshed and ready really mean: Refreshed: to regain strength Ready: in a suitable state […]

To Freeze, or Not to Freeze, That is the Question

Group of vegetables on a table

Vegetables. Veggies. Veg. Greens. Produce. Ruffage. Rabbit food. That thing you can’t get your kids to eat. There’s a huge variety of different kinds out there and even more ways to prepare them; but are they all created equal? Love them or hate them, veggies are a crucial source of fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients, […]

Immune-Boosting Foods

This time of the year can be great for gathering with loved ones and friends, but the winter season can also bring about many challenges. One of those challenges? Cold and flu season. Luckily, there are a plethora of wonderful foods out there that can help you feel better—and possibly help keep away that nasty […]