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5 Surprising Benefits of Weight Loss

The motivation to lose weight can be fueled by several things, including looking better, feeling better, and improving health. As the number on the scale decreases, you may be surprised to find that there are more benefits than you realized. Below you will find FIVE ways that weight loss may benefit you!

Newfound Respect

When you decide to lose weight, you may discover you have a newfound respect for yourself. Prioritizing yourself and taking the initial steps to make changes in your life can foster the feeling of empowerment. This will translate to all areas of your life from your relationships with your family to your professional setting. You will have the confidence to do anything you set your mind to, all while loving the way you look.

Mental Clarity

Each day, on average, 35,000 decisions are made. These decisions can range from deciding what to wear or what to have for breakfast. Having mental clarity can assist in the decision-making process and reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. Certain high-processed foods have been proven to increase mental health problems, eliminating them from one’s diet can decrease the chances and eliminate brain fog. Losing weight will improve one’s diet which can lead to avoiding these high-processed foods.

Another benefit is that losing weight can help enhance the quality of sleep, which can help with feelings of irritability. Being well-rested every morning will positively impact mental clarity.

Less Doctor’s Appointments

Although going to the doctor is usually a fun activity, losing weight can decrease the number of times you may need to visit the doctor each year. As weight decreases so will the chances of cardiovascular diseases, among other health issues. With fewer visits to the doctor, you may save money on co-pays or medication. For example, high blood pressure medication, on average blood pressure medication can range from $60-80 dollars a month, with a yearly cost of $840. Losing weight can reduce medication dosage or eliminate it altogether.


Think about your favorite pair of pants. When was the last time you were able to fit into them? When you think about that pair of pants does it bring back fond memories? Imagine if you were able to fit back into them and feel comfortable. Losing weight provides you with an opportunity to re-try and look good in the clothes you’ve always loved! When you look good in what you’re wearing you will feel good! If you’ve outgrown the clothes, you love and are looking to re-vamp your wardrobe, losing weight will give you a chance to go on a shopping spree.


When you lose weight, you will find that your energy levels will skyrocket. When you lose weight, your body will spend less time expending energy. More weight will lead to your body using more energy to fuel your body. Weight loss will also lead to you feeling less achy so with your newfound energy you will be able to move a lot more. Oxygen efficiency has also been shown to improve once you’ve slimmed down and you may find that you don’t feel winded going up the stairs or looking after your little ones.

No matter the reason you’re contemplating weight loss, know that the benefits are endless. Whether it’s to look better in your clothes or have more mental clarity know that losing weight can lead to feeling like the best version of you. When you’re ready to start feeling the benefits of weight loss, feel free to reach out to us and chat with one of our nutritional coaches who can explain how our program can be personalized to meet your needs.