Max Lost 80 Pounds With Awaken180°

When I was at my most like heaviest, it was feeling chest pains and just things thatI shouldn't be feeling at that age. And I just knew that I wasn't feeling right basically. And now everything is better. Like I wake up and I, I just feel much better,much more well rested. I used to be a big tennis player. So now I'm getting back into that a bit and the stamina is night and day from where I was at before. It's just,everything obviously feels way better at this weight.

I started in September of 2017 and I stuck with the program. I still go every, every month now for over three years. And it's been, it's been great. What I value the most is being able to go back every month for the maintenance checks and just having that one-on-one meeting availability still even years later.


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