Davio's Gift Card Promotion

Updated Oct 20, 2021

Awaken180° believes the majority of those struggling with their weight, join or start programs/diets with the best intention; to solve their weight issues. 

Unfortunately, some programs don’t provide the desired results, both short and long term which you were hoping for.  The lack of results often leads to multiple attempts with the same program, trying an array of different programs, or simply giving up.  Giving up because some feel there isn’t a program which could work for them, and some become discouraged by the investment they’ve already made, financially and emotionally. 

We encourage you not to give up, Awaken180° can work for you!  To help offset some of the dollars you spent on programs not meeting your expectations, all new Awaken180° clients who present proof of attempting another weight loss plan or program will receive a $100 gift card to Davio’s Restaurants; valid at ANY Davio’s location.  

Please see below for promotion rules and qualifications:

  • Promotion dates: 10/23/21-12/31/21 or while supplies last
  • Must be over the age of 18 to qualify
  • Promotion valid for only new Awaken180° clients
  • Minimum Awaken180° commitment to qualify=3 weeks with full payment in advance
  • Receipt for purchased weight loss programs, memberships, or other include:
    • Diet plans and/or weight loss programs
    • Gastric bypass surgery
    • Gym memberships
    • Personal trainers
    • Weight loss pills or supplements
      • (Please ask an Awaken180° employees for additional permissions)
      • Final approval of receipt(s) at Awaken180°’s discretion
  • Presented weight loss program receipt requirements:
    • Greater than $100 and spent within the last two years from date of receipt(s) presentation to Awaken180°
    • Receipt(s) cannot be from more than one company 
    • Multiple receipts from the same company are permitted 
    • Receipt(s) can be presented in electronic or printed form
    • Receipt(s) for gym or exercise equipment is prohibited
  • Gift card awarded to approved client after initial consultation and payment is received by Awaken180° for a minimum of 3 weeks
    • World Wide clients will be mailed the gift card after completion of the same above process
  • Awaken180 is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards
  • If your chosen Awaken180 location is out of cards at date of your initial consultation, recipient can either A. pick up the card during their next consultation or B. have the card mailed to their home address the following day
  • Terms and conditions subject to change